My name is Olga Miller. Born in Russia, raised in the Balkans, I’d lived in Germany for a long time and traveled throughout Europe until I met my husband Kevin who tempered my nomadic life as a college grad with an M.A. in Linguistics, dreaming of traveling the world and bridging nations. As real life would have it, I found myself with a permanent address in the suburbs of Fort Lauderdale, FL, wandering the ethnic isles of grocery stores and farmers’ markets in an attempt to recreate the foods I knew and—as a result—bridging cuisines. Of all things!

So, the interest was there. The passion didn’t come until after the birth of my daughter Nicole when the quality and nutrition of the foods I was cooking became of paramount importance.

I write this blog for a number of reasons. First and the most obvious of all is that I love all things FOOD. An avid cook with a taste for almost everything homemade, I enjoy the creative process it entails from planning a dish to having my husband do the dishes. My kitchen is my favorite hangout place because it’s usually warmer than the other rooms, it smells good, and there’s always something comforting to bite into there. But comfort is far from being the only quality I appreciate about food. Food is Fun. Food is Family. Food is Memories.

As I jolt down my culinary adventures and discoveries, I like to think that I am preserving the recipes as well as the memories that stem from them, with a view to better answer my grandkids’ question one day “Babushka, what was it like when mama was me?”

Lastly, this blog is a great way to exercise my writing muscle and to hone my creative eye for photography that I am falling in love with. Quite often, they both help me put things into perspective and focus on what truly matters in our fast-paced life.

With questions, comments, and feedback, please feel free to contact me at olgasoriginals.foodblog@yahoo.com


Thank you for stopping by.